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AoqiliŽ All Natural Premium Seaweed Soap

Aoqili Premium Seaweed Soap is the easy way to a more supple, healthier looking body. Simply use the all natural Aoqili Premium Seaweed Soap when you shower or bathe on a daily basis and see an improved appearance in your body and skin. What could be more simple or convenient?? No fuss or hassle! You will be delighted with the results.
Aoqili Premium Seaweed Soap is a unique, delightfully fragrant soap made from a rare, deep-water seaweed reported to have deep penetrating and fat emulsifying properties.

Ancient Oriental cultures have been aware of the slimming and skin softening properties of seaweed for over 400 years. Leading Chinese Dermatologists and Bio-chemists enhanced these natural properties when they developed Aoqili Premium Seaweed Soap.

Aoqili Premium Seaweed Soap contains many trace elements, minerals and vitamins derived from the sea which reduce the accumulation of fluid and astringe the skin to improve its tone and beauty. In addition, these trace elements, through osmosis, penetrate your skin encouraging the loss of stored subcutaneous body fat and dermal melanin.

Now you can benefit from the all natural nourishing properties of seaweed in this beautifully fragrant soap. Simply use Aoqili Premium Seaweed Soap as part of your daily beauty routine and because Aoqili Premium Seaweed Soap is non toxic, it does not irritate the skin and can be used all over your body. Aoqili exfoliates and permeates your skin leaving it deeply cleansed, tighter and more toned.

Package: 6 Oz. Per bar. In Stock. (1 bar lasts approx. 1 month)


1 bar for $3.95


Dried soap base 58% Deep Sea Seaweed Powder 18% Fragrance 5%
Aloe gel 7% Purified water 7% Trace elements, vitamins, minerals 5%

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